IVT Swiss SA

Who we are

Today IVT Swiss SA produces and sells a complete line of D-I-Y tools, industrial tools, garden tools, accessories and hand tools.
Our headquarters are located in Switzerland, in Ticino, in Lugano area in the heart of Europe. The strategic location allows us to manage the market efficiently for logistic aspect and for the business relationship with our partners. Asian and Russian markets are managed by IVT Kostanay, branch of the IVT brand that supervises all the activities and relationships for those markets.
The IVT corporate policy, guarantees wide entrepreneurial freedom that allows us to plan long term considerable investments in the business development.
The flexibility of our business system allows us to continually improve R&D on products, to obtain a constant development and improvement of services and marketing strategies and to consolidate our position on the market of D-I-Y.

IVT has an excellent reputation, and can boast reliable service-oriented distributors, sellers and customers in the following countries: Europe, Russia, Kazkhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmeninstan, and Brazil.


Our mission is always to offer high quality products, which can be developed thanks to bright marketing strategies and strong partnership. This to make the IVT company a leader in the field of professional and D-I-Y use.

Our aim is pursued on three different steps:

  • Meet consumers' needs, offering best responses to improve the quality of work, making it more productive and less hard.
  • Anticipate future needs, working on technologies, ergonomics and design in order to offer reliable and secure products that are a reference point for the industry.
  • Respect the environment through a conscious policy that seeks to optimize the ratio between production needs and environmental sustainability. This goal is pursued through the design, manufacture and distribution of products to ensure quality and to provide our employees and consumers a clean and safe environment.

All operations and activities are conducted in accordance with all laws and regulations.